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Atreca, Inc. to Present Cancer Immunotherapy Platform and Data at the PepTalk 2017 Conference

January 9, 2017

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Atreca, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics based on a deep understanding of the human immune response, announced today the scheduled presentation of positive preclinical findings generated via the Company’s Immune Repertoire Capture® (IRC™) technology. The findings will be presented at the 16th Annual PepTalk: The Protein Science Week Conference, taking place at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, January 9-13, 2017. The presentation, entitled “Natively Paired B- and T-Cell Immune Repertoires and the Discovery of Potent Antibody Therapeutics,” will be delivered by Atreca research scientist Sean Carroll, Ph.D., on Thursday, January 12, at 2:35 p.m. Pacific Time.

N. Michael Greenberg, Ph.D., Atreca’s Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President, stated, “We are proud of the high quality and productivity of our proprietary platform that profiles active anti-tumor immune responses driving positive outcomes in cancer patients undergoing treatment. It is because of the unique features and capabilities of our platform that we are discovering and developing these nextgeneration antibody-based immunotherapies to deliver differentiated combination treatments across a potentially wide range of indications. We look forward to bringing our programs to IND-enabling studies and clinical testing.”

Atreca’s IRC™ technology reveals natively paired and complete variable regions of immunoglobulins expressed by specifically selected B- and T-cells. Using IRC™, Atreca has generated repertoires from active immune responses of many patients across multiple indications as well as from target-immunized mice. Analyses of these essentially unbiased and error-free repertoires have yielded immunologic insights as well as potent antibodies targeting tumors, infectious disease antigens, and autoimmune epitopes.

About Atreca, Inc.
Atreca is a privately held biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics drawn from human immune responses, including effective anti-cancer immune responses. We are able to measure and analyze the structure of clinically relevant immune responses to identify the antibodies, T cell receptors, and targets that are key to successful treatment outcomes. Atreca’s proprietary Immune Repertoire Capture™ technology profiles a patient’s immune response at the single-cell level at very high throughput without bias or error, enabling the identification and generation of functional human antibodies and TCRs without prior knowledge of antigen. The Company is advancing a pipeline of candidates with the objective of enhancing engagement of the human immune response in cancer treatment and other indications, thus optimizing therapeutic outcomes. For more information on Atreca, please visit

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