Atreca inverts the traditional discovery paradigm.  In our approach, active patient B cell responses provide us immediately relevant and functional human antibodies that serve as the foundation of our therapeutic candidates and gain us access to novel targets and biology.

Atreca’s Discovery Platform uniquely enables our industrialized approach to generating clinical candidates via this approach, comprising proprietary knowledge and dedicated infrastructure:

Sample Acquisition & Repository:  Atreca’s discovery process typically starts with simple blood samples from patients.  In oncology, we sponsor multiple, non-interventional clinical trials and work with leading physician-scientists as we build a growing repository of samples well-suited to our discovery approach, currently from patients with over two dozen types of solid tumor disease.

Differentiated Technology:  Atreca’s proprietary Immune Repertoire Capture® (IRC®) technology, informed and enabled by deep immunology expertise and dedicated infrastructure, accurately generates natively paired heavy and light chain sequences of the antibodies expressed by particular single B cells isolated from patient samples.

Bioinformatics Expertise:  Together with the exceptional data quality delivered by our IRC® technology, our extensive experience with these data enables accurate quantitation and analysis of patient antibody repertoires, permitting our intelligent selection of antibody sequences for immediate gene synthesis, expression, and further analysis in the laboratory.

Industrialized Web Lab Infrastructure:  We have industrialized in vitro and in vivo assays to interrogate recombinant patient antibodies for relevant activities as we build our lead programs.  In oncology, because we desire candidates to treat large patient populations, our primary screen involves identifying patient antibodies that bind non-autologous tumor tissue selectively.

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