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Atreca, Inc., and Dana-­Farber Cancer Institute Establish Broad Cancer Immunotherapy R&D Collaboration

May 31, 2017

Applying Atreca’s Immune Repertoire Capture®  (IRC™) technology to focus on  the active immune responses of cancer patients responding to therapy

REDWOOD  CITY,  Calif.—(MAY  31,  2017)-­-­  Atreca,  Inc.,  a  biotechnology  company   focused  on  developing  novel  therapeutics  based  on  a  deep  understanding  of  the  human   immune  response,  and  the  Dana-­Farber  Cancer  Institute  announced  today  that  they   have  entered  into  a  collaborative  research  agreement  to  focus  Atreca’s  IRC™   technology  on  the  active  immune  responses  of  cancer  patients  whose  disease  is   responding  well  to  immunotherapy  and  other  treatments.  The  research  will  apply   Atreca’s  Immune  Repertoire  Capture®  (IRC™)  technology,  which  identifies  and   generates  sequences  of  functional,  native  antibodies  and  T  cell  receptors  (TCRs)  from   active  human  immune  responses.

A  team  of  scientists  led  by  F.  Stephen  Hodi,  M.D.,  Director  of  the  Melanoma  Center  and   Center  for  Immuno-­Oncology  at  Dana-­Farber  Cancer  Institute/Brigham  and  Women’s   Cancer  Center  and  Professor  of  Medicine  at  Harvard  Medical  School,  will  collaborate   with  Atreca  to  study  how  different  immunotherapies  generate  an  active  immune   response,  to  understand  why  only  a  subset  of  patients  benefit  from  therapy,  and  to   identify  anti-­tumor  antibodies  generated  in  these  responses.  The  study  will  focus  on   patients  with  melanoma,  non-­small  cell  lung  cancer  (NSCLC),  and  renal  cell  cancer,   with  the  potential  to  expand  into  other  cancer  types.

“We  are  excited  to  collaborate  with  the  accomplished  team  at  Atreca.  Through  this   unique  collaboration,  we  believe  we  can  work  together  to  accelerate  the  discovery  and   development  of  novel  therapeutic  agents  and  treatment  paradigms  with  the  potential  to   improve  patient  outcomes  in  diverse  cancer  indications,”  stated  Dr.  Hodi.

“It  is  a  thrilling  opportunity  for  us  to  partner  with  one  of  the  world’s  leading  institutions   advancing  cancer  treatment,”  said  Tito  A.  Serafini,  Ph.D.,  Atreca’s  President,  Chief   Executive  Officer,  and  Co-­Founder.  “Previous  peer-­reviewed  findings  have   demonstrated  that  our  IRC™  technology  delivers  valuable  data  from  the  active  immune   responses  of  patients.  We  believe  the  collaboration  with  Dana-­Farber,  focused  on   generating  such  actionable  data,  will  make  an  important  contribution  to  our  immuno-­ oncology  therapeutics  programs.”

Atreca  applies  IRC™  to  generate  sequences  of  native  antibodies  and  TCRs  from   cancer  patients,  patients  with  autoimmune  disease,  vaccinated  subjects,  and  patients   who  resolve  infections.  Analyses  of  the  resulting  essentially  unbiased  and  error-­free   repertoires  yield  valuable  insights,  as  well  as  potent  antibodies  targeting  tumors,   pathogens,  and  autoimmune  epitopes.

About  Atreca,  Inc.    

Atreca  is  a  privately  held  biotechnology  company  developing  novel  therapeutics  drawn   from  human  immune  responses,  including  effective  anti-­-­‐‑cancer  immune  responses.  We   are  able  to  measure  and  analyze  the  structure  of  clinically  relevant  immune  responses   to  identify  the  antibodies,  T  cell  receptors,  and  targets  that  are  key  to  successful   treatment  outcomes.  Atreca’s  proprietary  Immune  Repertoire  Capture®  technology   profiles  a  patient’s  immune  response  at  the  single-­cell  level  at  very  high  throughput   essentially  without  bias  or  error,  enabling  the  identification  and  generation  of  functional   human  antibodies  and  TCRs  without  prior  knowledge  of  antigen.  The  Company  is   advancing  a  pipeline  of  candidates  designed  to  engage  the  human  immune  response  in   oncology  and  other  indications,  thus  driving  better  therapeutic  outcomes.  For  more   information  on  Atreca,  please  visit

About  Dana-­Farber  Cancer  Institute

From  achieving  the  first  remissions  in  childhood  cancer  with  chemotherapy  in  1948,  to   developing  the  very  latest  new  therapies,  Dana-­Farber  Cancer  Institute  is  one  of  the   world’s  leading  centers  of  cancer  research  and  treatment.  It  is  the  only  center  ranked  in   the  top  4  of  U.S.  News  and  World  Report’s  Best  Hospitals  for  both  adult  and  pediatric   cancer  care.

Dana-­Farber  sits  at  the  center  of  a  wide  range  of  collaborative  efforts  to  reduce  the   burden  of  cancer  through  scientific  inquiry,  clinical  care,  education,  community   engagement,  and  advocacy.  Dana-­Farber/Brigham  and  Women’s  Cancer  Center   provides  the  latest  in  cancer  care  for  adults;;  Dana-­Farber/Boston  Children’s  Cancer  and   Blood  Disorders  Center  for  children.  The  Dana-­Farber/Harvard  Cancer  Center  unites   the  cancer  research  efforts  of  five  Harvard  academic  medical  centers  and  two  graduate   schools,  while  Dana-­Farber  Community  Cancer  Care  provides  high  quality  cancer   treatment  in  communities  outside  Boston’s  Longwood  Medical  Area.

Dana-­Farber  is  dedicated  to  a  unique,  50/50  balance  between  cancer  research  and   care,  and  much  of  the  Institute’s  work  is  dedicated  to  translating  the  results  of  its   discovery  into  new  treatments  for  patients  locally  and  around  the  world.

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