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The Radical Remission Project partners with Atreca to study your immune system

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?
Is your disease stable, responding or in remission?

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call our study hotline
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Please consider participating in our observational research aimed at studying how the human immune system naturally fights cancer. We hope to advance our understanding of how your body fights cancer and to enable new treatments along the way.

The Study


Our bodies fight disease by recognizing substances that are harmful, but tumor cells are skilled at evading the body’s natural immune response. The human immune system is resilient and constantly adapting so that it can better locate and attack threats such as cancer.


This research aims to study the effective anti-tumor immune responses of patients like you. The study involves a phone interview with the research professionals at Atreca and a blood donation.


Atreca’s clinical research professionals would be pleased to talk to you! If you are interested in participating in our research study or would like to find out more, please fill out the form below and click “Submit”

About Atreca

Atreca, Inc. is a biotechnology company founded by Stanford scientists Bill Robinson, MD, PhD and Yann Chong Tan, PhD. Our founders invented a novel technology that helps us identify and analyze proteins called antibodies that are made by the immune system. Some anti-tumor antibodies will stick to the surface of tumor cells and alert the rest of your immune system to attack those harmful cells. Atreca’s goal is to identify those well-adapted antibodies so that we can both advance our knowledge of cancer as a disease, and seek potential new treatments for future patients.


William H. Robinson, MD, PhD


Yann Chong Tan, PhD